Why Chose PA Amish Built Sheds and Prefab Garages?

Published: 05th November 2010
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While sheds and prefab garages come in all shapes and sizes, the Amish of Lancaster, PA have a clear advantage in the industry. Their commitment to quality combined with decades of experience gives them the advantage of quality construction, cheaper prices and countless customizing options. There are dozens of reasons to choose an Amish built shed, but here we will cover just the basics.

First, Amish produced sheds from Pennsylvania are carefully manufactured by experienced woodworkers who are committed to excellence. The Amish have been known for many years as a people committed to hard work and close detail. This clearly comes through in the sheds, prefab garages and outdoor buildings produced throughout the Pa Amish community. Just take a look at an Amish-made shed and compare it with a typical shed from a mega home improvement store such as Home Depot or Lowes and you will see the advantage.

In addition, due to specializing in this industry many Amish producers of sheds and prefab garages offer very competitive prices. Through fast production techniques developed over decades of business, they can often produce a building for nearly the same price as a homeowner can purchase the materials. Many of these companies give the advantage of buying direct from the shed manufacturer. This saves customers the hassle of going through a local reseller and saves hard-earned dollars for the end-user.

Finally, for those within a three hundred mile radius of this popular Pennsylvania Amish community, custom sheds and prefab two and three car garages are available in all shapes, sizes and with many options. Adding windows, doors or even a second floor to a custom shed or garage is only the beginning of the customization that can be done. Simply search the Internet for "Amish Sheds" and contact a producer in the area.

And just as a bonus, be sure to look for the latest delivery techniques in the industry and avoid heavy trucks and trailers in your backyard. Some PA Amish shed producers are employing the Amish produced "Shed Mule" to reduce delivery damage in the backyards of their customers. You’ll love the agile function of this state-of-the-art machine all while acquiring a quality product for an economical price.

Author Bio:

Chris Stoltzfus is an insider to the Amish Shed industry in Lancaster, PA. For nearly two decades he and his family have been producing quality sheds, prefab car garages and outdoor buildings and shipping them throughout PA, NJ, NY, MD, DE, CT and beyond. He is an active member in the Beachy Amish community in Lancaster PA and also loves to study, write and travel around the world. You can visit their family business website and discover an array of PA Amish Sheds and Garages

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